Invitation to the 40th memorial of the Staines disaster

40 years ago members of JCI Belgium came back from the European Conference in Edinburgh. After a stopover in London the most unthinkable happened: the plain crashed close to  Staines. Nobody survived the accident, including 7 members and 2 partners.

The big loss was reliefed by an enormous international solidarity and the Staines Foundation was established. Even today this foundation is still active. Each year the Staines Award, which is seen as the highest distinction for a JCI member, is granted during a touching ceremony, honoured by JCI London.

This year it will obviously be a special memorial. Together with as much JCI members as possible we like to travel to London and Staines to experience the 4Oth anniversary of the Staines disaster and show our respect to our past JCI-fellows. We leave on Sunday June 17,  for an afternoon and evening program organised by JCI London. On Monday June 18 we participate at the Staines memorial and afterwards we plan an additional visit.

Please put these dates in your agenda. It will be a unique moment for all JCI members.
Soon we will inform you about the transportation and the hotel.

Dominiek Callewier
President Staines Foundation

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