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2015 JCI Staines Memorial

42 years ago, on June 18 1972, a plane crashed near London, known as the Staines air disaster. A tragic accident where also 9 JCI friends died, coming back from the European Conference in Edinburgh. As every year, the JCI Staines Foundation likes to be present with a delegation, to honour our bond with the … Continue reading

Outside art. Another way to discover London.

Did you know… You can buy art outside every Sunday at the Bayswater Road Artist’s Gallery – the art is displayed on the park railings. Spend your time outside appreciating London’s street art. You’ll discover historical statues, contemporary sculpture, murals, installations and more. And of course it’s free for you to enjoy! Make London your … Continue reading

Transport to London

It seems that British Airways remains on talking between the different units, which means that up to now we still don’t have their proposal. That’s a pity, but we can’t wait. Therefore we suggest that everyone looks for their transport. You can take the plane to London or you can take the train. There are … Continue reading

The Olympic Parc

London is in fact breathing only one thing this year: the Olympic Games. Of course it is one of the most appealing events in the world, with a mission and vision that is very closely to the values of JCI. Brotherhood, peace, humanity,… Visiting the venues built for the Olympics can be one reason to … Continue reading

Curious to see the Olympic medals?

When we will visit London and Staines, the city will almost be fully prepared for the Olympics. Maybe you are curious to see how the medals really look like. Pay a ‘free’ visit at the British Museam and get a close view at the medals presented at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The … Continue reading