Staines Foundation

The accident happend on June 18, 1972 on the way back from the European Conference in Edinburgh and after a stopover in Lonodon Heathrow.
Some members decide to take the boat (Jan Christiaens) or miss the plane (Michel Swenden).
At 17:19, just after take-off, flight BA548 from London to Brussels, with 118 passangers, crashes in Staines.

JCI victims:

Pierre Warmoes (Bruxelles), national president JCI Belgium and his wife Christiane Warmoes (3 children)
Carlo Van Bavel (Antwerpen), vice-president programs JCI Belgium (2 children)
Jean-Jacques Tiroux (Charleroi), vice-president operations JCI Belgium (4 children)
Michel Cesar (Bruxelles), JCI Officer for Europe and Africa
Roald Wold (Antwerpen), vice-president JCI Antwerpen
Jean-Luc Meyers (Liège), president tourism commision European Conference
Peter Abrams (Gent), secreatary JCI Gent and his wife Maggy Abrams (3 children)

The name of Roger Godin (Verviers), national president 1970 and VP 1971, was added to the list, when he died in a car crash in April 6, 1972, together with his wife Bernadette (3 children).

A memorial service was organised in the cathedral of Brussels, with the presence of JCI World President Royce Pepin.

On June 24, 1972 the Board of Directors proposes the establishment of a foundation to support the family of the deceased member with direct and indirect fiancial and moral support. Financial means are gathered through individual members, international donations and JCI. Each year there is a contribution from JCI Belgium.

The establishment of the Staines Foundation was approved on September 22, 1972.

The Staines Foundation wants to thank every member and all international organisations for their generous support.

4 thoughts on “Staines Foundation

  1. Also another member was planned to be on the plane, but exchanged his ticket with one of the victims. The reason was that the victim should be home at night. But, he did not make it.
    The person who gave his ticket was Willy MACHIELS (now JCI Senator).

    • My beloved husband Jean- Luc Meyers JCI Liège,
      was in the crash

      .I didnot know of your foundation before.

      Please contact me for the memorial day?

  2. My beloved husband Jean-Luc Meyers died in that mysterious crash. Please contact me for the memorial day.

    Frederica Meyers – van der Eerden.

    • Dear Frederica,

      This Sunday, the 11th of December, we will have a memorial in the Parc Square Orban in Brussels at 13h.
      If you want to come and remember our beloved ones, please feel free to join.

      For further details you can contact me

      Best Regards,

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