Staines visit 50th commemoration

50 years ago, the members of JCI Belgium returned from the European Conference in Edinburgh. After a stopover in London, the most unthinkable happened: the plane crashed near Staines. No one survived the accident, including 7 members of JCI Belgium and 2 partners.  The great loss was answered by enormous international solidarity and the Staines … Continue reading

Paul Lammers receives the Staines Award

If there’s one person who breaths JCI, then it’s probably Paul. After an active JCI career, his senator career was even more impressive. Paul is not only present at numerous occasions, on national and international level, when possible he tries to support it as well. A true ambassador for what JCI is about. Paul is … Continue reading

Peter Anckaert received the 2017 JCI Staines Award

During the national convention of JCI Belgium in Gent, Peter Anckaert was nominated for the prestigious JCI Staines Award. Congratulations. A motivation of the Belgian board: It has never been more clear who should win the Staines Award than this year. For the Board of Directors of JCI Belgium is was an easy and unanimous … Continue reading

In Memoriam: Reginald Schaumans

This is a message from the JCI Belgium 2017 Board of Directors With great sadness we bring you tragic news. Reginald Schaumans, our JCI leader and 1991 JCI World President, unexpectedly passed away on September 28, 2017 at age 66. This is a great loss for our organization and its members. His contribution to JCI … Continue reading

In Memoriam: Marc De Bolle

This year we lost a JCI friend and former Staines Award winner Marc De Bolle, Senator 25000 and past-member of JCI Antwerpen. The JCI career of Marc: 1976 – 1978 President JCI Antwerpen 1978 – 1979 President JCI Belgium 1980 JCI Vice-President 1981 JCI Executive Vice-President 1981 JCI Representative European Union 1982 JCI Chairman Main … Continue reading

2015 winner JCI Staines Award

During the national conference of 2015 Vincent Dascotte was awarded with the prestiguous JCI Staines Award. To characterize Vincent, as a member and president he constantly built strong connections between several  external parties: with the city, with local entrepreneurs, with other cultures (a.o. the International House in Mons). He also helped to start JCI Burundi … Continue reading

2015 JCI Staines Memorial

42 years ago, on June 18 1972, a plane crashed near London, known as the Staines air disaster. A tragic accident where also 9 JCI friends died, coming back from the European Conference in Edinburgh. As every year, the JCI Staines Foundation likes to be present with a delegation, to honour our bond with the … Continue reading