Staines Memorial Award

To remember the terrible accident, each year the JCI City of London donates this award during the national convention.

The award is granted to an individual JCI  member who exceptionally raises the notoriety of and appreciation for JCI Belgium on an international level, and advances the collaboration and friendship within JCI community.

The award is granted by the board of directors of JCI Belgium.

Each year, the subdued ceremony gives everyone the opportunity to remember our beloved friends who left us during the past years.


1973 Jean-Pierre Piette (Kortrijk)
1974 Gerrit Lovink (Antwerpen)
1975 Roger Van Tongerloo (Lier)
1976 Luc Deleye (Ieper-Poperinge-Wervik)
1977 Pierre Cornelissen (Waasland)
1978 Michel Swolfs (Antwerpen)
1979 Marc De Bolle (Antwerpen)
1983 Ludy Michiels (La Woluwe)
1984 Régine Decoux (Namur)
1985 Marc Melen (Basse-Meuse)
1986 Dimitri Yannakis (Mons)
1987 Ludo Vermeiren (Antwerpen)
1988 Marc Beyers (Antwerpen)
1989 Jean-Claude Simon (Basse-Meuse)
1990 Reginald Schaumans (Brussel)
1991 Rudy Dupont (Waregem)
1992 Michel-Fréderic Lejeune (Fôret d’Anlier)
1993 Eddy Van Goethem (Aalst)
1995 Karel Dierick (Lier)
1996 Claude Schepens (Ronse)
1997 Jean-Paul Michel (Gaume)
1999 Theo DE BEIR (Brussel)
2000 Guy EVERAERT (Ronse)
2001 Anna-Carin KROKSTÄDE (Bruxelles)
2002 Emmanuel HAAG (Bastogne
2003 Steven Vandeput (Hasselt)
2004 Laurence Poleunis (Tienen)
2005 Kris Sierens (Waregem)
2006 Hilde Vernaillen (Gent Artevelde)
2007 Dimitri Verhoye (Gent Artevelde)
2008 Stephan Rogge (Waregem)
2009 Dominiek Callewier (Harelbeke)
2010 An Deventer (Ronse)
2011 Serge Goussaert (Diksmuide)
2012 Annelies Quaegebeur (West-Brabant)
2014 Audrey Taverna (Charleroi – Val d’Heure)
2015 Vincent Dascotte (Mons)
2016 Jef Hendrickx (Hasselt)

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