Curious to see the Olympic medals?

When we will visit London and Staines, the city will almost be fully prepared for the Olympics. Maybe you are curious to see how the medals really look like. Pay a ‘free’ visit at the British Museam and get a close view at the medals presented at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The British Museum charts the making of this year’s Olympic and Paralympic victory medals from the mining of the metal to the creation of the designs and production by the Royal Mint.

Examples of the victory medals for London 2012 are displayed here for the very first time, alongside 19th and 20th century objects relating to Britain’s role in the creation of the modern Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The display includes medals from the 1908 and 1948 Olympic Games, also held in London, and the 1960 and 1984 Paralympic Games.

The Olympic medals are designed by British decorative artist David Watkins, while Central Saint Martins lecturer Lin Cheung has designed the Paralympic medals.

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