Peter Anckaert received the 2017 JCI Staines Award

During the national convention of JCI Belgium in Gent, Peter Anckaert was nominated for the prestigious JCI Staines Award. Congratulations.

A motivation of the Belgian board:

It has never been more clear who should win the Staines Award than this year. For the Board of Directors of JCI Belgium is was an easy and unanimous decision to nominate Peter Anckaert for this prestigious recognition of one’s efforts to serve JCI on the international level and to promote JCI Belgium internationally. For years, Peter has been a very active member and supporter of JCI Gent Artevelde. He has taken responsibility as a local president in 2011-2012. In 2014 he became National President of JCI Belgium. As the director of the European Economic Experts Forum he launched this pan European project in 2015 in his hometown Gent. In 2016 he served the organization as a JCI Vice President for Europe assigned to the Nordic countries. As the Convention Director of the 2017 JCI Belgium National Convention it was a great honor for Peter to be awarded the JCI Staines Award during ‘his’ convention Tomorrow Ghent.

The JCI career of Peter:

* 2017 Staines Memorial award
* 2016 JCI Vice President – member of the Board of Directors. Assigned to the Nordic countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
* President of the Board of Patrons of the Smart Cities Platform
* Director JCI Belgium national convention 2017 “Tomorrow Ghent”
* Staines Foundation board member
* Director European Economic Experts’ Forum 2015
* JCI Belgium Foundation board member
* National President JCI Belgium 2014
* European Development Council Financial Committee member 2013-2014
* EVP internationalism JCI Belgium 2013
* Board member JCI Vlaanderen 2012-2013
* President JCI Gent Artevelde 2011-2012
* Local board member JCI Gent Artevelde 2007-2013

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