Jef Hendrickx nominated as the 2016 Staines Award winner

The Staines Award is well respected tradition during the gala of the national convention. This year we had the honor to be hosted by JCI Mouscron, who created a wonderful conventional weekend.

It might seem logic sometimes, but winning the Staines Award is never logic or normal. It’s a great honor to hear your name and becoming part of that selected club of people who won the award in the past. This year Jef Hendrickx received the famous candlestick and knowing Jef, he was speechless for a moment.

Jef is a member of JCI Hasselt and experienced already every step possible in a JCI career. From local president to president JCI Vlaanderen and JCI Belgium, VP and even EVP. A true example for many members around the world, establishing new opportunities and friendship between young people.

Congratulations Jef.

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