Passing of Marc Melen

Last Tuesday we lost our friend Marc Melen. In 1985 Marc received The Staines Memorial Award.

Marc was one of the founders of Jeune Chambre Économique de Basse-Meuse on June 1, 1977. He became president of of his chapter in 1980-1981. After that he also became president of JCI Belgium in 1983. Due to his commitment he became senator #33416 and like was said before, he also received the Staines Award.
He was the JCI Senate past-ambassador for Asia and Africa and member of the JCI Belgium Foundation. Up till now he was the vice-president and treasurer of the Staines Foundation.

Last weekend he was at the Kiwanis congress in Roeselare. Towards the Kiwanis president Alain Bourguet, also a JCI fellow, he said he wouldn’t stay for the gala, because at the same time there was the JCI convention in Liège and ha wanted to attend the gala there. This proves his involvement and attitude towards JCI.

Our deepest condolences towards the family of Marc, his friends and fellow JCI members.

Marc Melen

Marc Melen

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