Message of JCI World President Bertolt Daems

Dear all

During the last couple of weeks, JCI members from all over the world got together at 4 Area Conferences. It’s what we do every year; meeting each other at the conference of our Area. Having our General assembly, visiting trainings, but above all meeting our friends from other countries. And make new friends. For live.
Every year, we leave our conference with a warm heart, new energy, and the knowledge that we will meet again; somewhere in the world.
Because we believe that the brotherhood of men transience the sovereignty of nations.

On Sunday, 18 June 1972 that must have been the fact for the 7 members and 2 partners of JCI Belgium.
Probably tired from the EC, but thankful for the experience it brought them. With new idea’s, new energy and new friendships in their heart.

When the circle is broken, JCI members are the people trying to fix it again. It’s who we are, it’s what we are good at, it’s JCI. Solution providers and active citizens.
We fix broken circles so the energy can flow again.
But as we all know, some things can not be fixed.

The Staines Foundation, the Staines Memorial Award and the contribution of JCI to the Staines Memorial Day are very important. On behalf of JCI World Head Quarters and JCI members from all over the world I would like to thank JCI Belgium and JCI London for working together.
Broken circles sometimes can not be fixed, but new circles can be made. To honor and to never forget.

Thank you,

JCI President Bertolt Daems

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