Participants and JCI London

JCI London confirmed there will be an official ceremony and reception on Sunday late afternoon/evening. The location will be chosen in Butler’s Wharf, close to the Tower Bridge. All details will be mentioned in the final schedule.

Additional names have been added to the Belgian list of partcipants:

Dominiek Callewier
Olivier De Block
Stephan Rogge
Kris Sierens
Marc Melen
Koen Vanlommel
Dimitri Baeten
Steven Vandeput
Theo De Beir
Dimitri Verhoye
Peter Tacq
Miriam Roemers
Jef Hendrickx
Gerrit Lovinck
Paul Van Bavel
Isabelle Degryse (6 pers.)
Tom De Coninck
Caroline Thoonen
Yves Callewier
Willy Machiels
Herman De Ridder
Anne Carin Krokstäde (2 pers.)
Paul Lammers
Bernard Lambrecht
Serge Goussaert

This means we will be with a goup of 31 people, which is fantastic for the memorial. Thanks!

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